The importance of preventive health checks cannot be denied in today’s world. With all the right advice and right actions like eating well, getting exercise as well as avoiding alcohol, drugs and smoking, still there is always uncertainty. In spite of all the steps in ensuring well being, one can never be too sure. It is advisable to go in for health checks for identifying the underlying ailments thus making it possible to manage them in time and reduce the damage to as low as possible.

Apart for a general health check, I suggest, every female should undergo the following checks (as indicated) on regular basis.

- Dr. Rachna Singh

Ultrasonography for Abdomen

To make sure of good health of organs like liver and kidneys and to rule out gallbladder stones) and pelvis-( to detect any abnormal growth like uterine fibroids or ovarian cysts) Ultrasonosgrams are recommended on annual basis.

Pelvic Exams

PAPS SMEAR-With the increasing incidence of cancers all around us ,I strongly recommend all sexual active females to get their Pap smears done on regular basis .This basic procedure takes just e few minutes and involves sampling  the cervix for abnormal cells. In the presence of any abnormal finding, Colposcopy is advised for further evaluation which can help treat precancerous lesions of cervix.

Breast Exam

MAMMOGRAPHY—is An X Ray of the breasts .It is done to detect breast cancers. I strongly recommend all women above 40 years to get them screened. Mammography along with regular clinical examination helps in early diagnosis of breast cancers and a better overall treatment.

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