Always Plan your pregnancy

So that you are aware of any kind of risks, threats or medical problems. Preconception counselling is recommended for  you so  as to initiate a healthy life style and to eliminate all possible toxins from your body and environment as well as to get basic checks done. It is the time when you start on good vitamins and also get yourself vaccinated against certain illnesses. Preconception counselling can also be beneficial in identifying the reasons leading to difficulty in conception and managing infertility.

Planned parenthood is always advisable as way for well prepared pregnancy and healthy spacing between the kids.

- Dr. Rachna Singh


Contraception also known as Birth control or fertility planning  is a method or device used to prevent or space the pregnancies.

Contraception falls into four main categories, each with its own pros and cons

  • Barrier methods
  • Hormonal methods
  • Natural birth control
  • Sterilization

What’s best for you may not be right for another person and also your needs may change over time. You may want to know what’s the most fail-proof plan for you be or if  your periods will be affected or how much will be the cost?Feel free to discuss your needs and requirements with Dr Rachna regarding contraception

Medical Termination of Pregnancy(MTP)

Medical termination of pregnancy may be chosen by the women, the reasons for which can be highly personal or sometimes medically indicated.

Some women prefer medical -pill- abortion over other types of abortion because it may be done at home, providing privacy and some degree of control. A medical abortion is one in which medication is used to bring about abortion.  It doesn’t require anesthesia or surgery, but it can only be done early in pregnancy. Surgical abortion involves a minor operation. The procedure is done under anesthesia so you do not feel any pain. When performed by the trained professional, the risks are at a minimum.

Pursuing an abortion is a major decision with emotional and psychological consequences.  If you’re considering abortion, make sure you understand what the procedure entails, the side effects, and possible risks and complications after discussing with your doctor in detail.

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